Class Excursions: Florence and Ravenna

As March quickly comes to a close, I finally have a moment to update you on the two academic highlights of this month: two-day weekend excursions to Florence and Ravenna. At Temple Rome, Fridays are no-class days so that excursions can take place on Fridays and Saturdays. While this usually means I get to enjoy a three-day weekend exploring Rome, these two excursions were so much fun, especially since I didn’t have any last semester.

My visit to Florence for my class Women, Literature, and Art: Artemisia Gentileschi and Anna Banti primarily focused on the places Artemisia frequented during her Florentine period and the beginning of Banti’s novel Artemisia. Most of what we saw as a class I visited during my winter break, which you can read about in this post.

One of my favorite shots of Santa Maria del Fiore.
Artemisia Gentileschi’s Allegory of Inclination in Casa Buonarroti.

A week later, my class From Constantine to Mohammed: Art and Architecture of the Mediterranean from the 4th to 8th Century AD went to Ravenna to study the 5th and 6th century Christian mosaics. I believe even this small selection of photos will speak for itself!

And of course… The Church of San Vitale. I’ll say that by now I’ve gotten pretty good at photographing ceilings!

One of the greatest pleasures of these excursions, and studying abroad in Italy overall, has been seeing these incredible works of art outside of the busy tourist seasons and giving them a full academic appreciation. I have one last excursion coming up in April, where I’ll be off to Naples again to explore Pompeii and a few other nearby areas for my Ancient Roman Historians class.

With April just around the corner, it’s now time for me begin planning my last few weeks in Rome (and prepare for final exams) after a busy academic year. Until then… Arrivederci!


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