February, Flying By…

Before settling on my bed to write this blog post, I took one of my favorite walks: I exit the Barberini metro stop, weave through the crowds at the Trevi Fountain, cross the Via del Corso, pass by the remains of the Temple of Deified Hadrian, and stop in front of the Pantheon (where, conveniently, my favorite boba tea place is located).

And I quickly realized just how much time has gone by!

A beautiful flower stand I encountered on one of my strolls.

What I have loved most about my year in Rome is that even in my sixth month here, these sights fill me with as much joy and amazement as when I first saw them. One of the privileges of studying abroad, especially for more than one semester, is incorporating these incredible landmarks into your daily routine.

Although I have midterms coming up in a week (yikes! already?!), I realize I have yet to update you all on how my “ordinary” life has adjusted. I live a four minute walk away from last semester’s apartment, but that four minutes makes a world of difference! St. Peter’s Basilica is less than ten minutes away, so I enjoy Mass in Italian on Tuesday and Friday mornings. I am privileged to know St. Peter’s as a quiet place without any lines!

What a privilege it is to call St. Peter’s my “local parish” this semester!

This month, I also had my appointment at the questura (the state police headquarters) to complete my permesso di soggiorno (residency permit). As they scanned my fingers and palms, I couldn’t help but think about just how much I’ve changed since I went to the post office to receive my appointment date at the start of the fall semester. Of course, my transformation won’t be complete until I leave in April… which I’m trying not to think about just yet.

One of my more artful shots of the Colosseum. Rome has not been without its winter rain!

In the meantime, March holds a lot in store for me (and this blog)! The end of February marks the beginning of my mid-semester break, and in March I have two class excursions outside of Rome. Rather than prematurely spoiling the amazing places I’ll be seeing solo and with my classmates… I’ll say a presto and prepare for the busy weeks ahead!